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What is Malaria Safe?

In Ghana, companies spend an average of 0.5% of their annual corporate returns on malaria treatment for employees and their families, according to a study that included 62 businesses in the Greater Accra, Ashanti, and Western regions of Ghana between 2012-2014. These companies together lost approximately 4,000 workdays and $6.58 million (GHC 20 million) due to malaria. It’s not surprising then that 93% of business leaders in the study agreed that there is a need for the private sector to invest in malaria prevention.

Led by the UK DFID-funded Private Sector Malaria Prevention (PSMP) project of Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs, Malaria Safe is an initiative designed to help businesses tackle malaria as a health issue in the workplace, as well as in surrounding communities. The ultimate goal is to build a network of active companies benefiting from protecting employees and communities through Malaria Safe actions that lead to malaria-free businesses. These actions are categorized into four pillars: protection, education, visibility, and championing. The Malaria Safe Guide was developed based on best practices, resources, and experiences from government and technical experts in malaria, and businesses operating in malaria endemic African countries that are successful in their fight against malaria.

PSMP’s Malaria Safe initiative offers technical assistance to companies in the form of information, educational seminars, coaching, behavior change communication, public relations, networking opportunities, contacts and support for insecticide-treated net procurement and distribution, and other technical advice.